Welcome to my 2nd Grade Research and Publication Project which creates the context for collaborative teaching and technology integration. The purpose of this website is to share tools I have created and resources I have discovered along the way. Teachers and colleagues are free to download the Word documents to replicate and re-purpose them to their own needs, subject matter and grade level. 
Project-based learning is not about the destination for the teacher as well as the student. The teacher is a COACH who models the cycle of knowing facts, asking questions and finding information and is NOT expected to know everything about the subject matter. Rather the teacher is a knowledgeable tour guide who always has something to learn. A good starting poing point is Why PBL?

Enjoy the journey!

“Given the K-W-L research model, over the course of a school year, children will research, author and illustrate a nonfiction book based on Common Core and ISTE standards.”


  • Raise student achievement.
  • Teach elements of nonfiction.
  • Prepare children for the E.L.A. exam.
  • Develop technology skills.


  • Plan their own research by asking questions and using a KWL chart.
  • Gather information from a variety of sources.
  • Construct a paragraph from their notes.
  • Illustrate the text.
  • Demonstrate the ability to collaboratively create a hard cover nonfiction book.



  • Computers with internet access
  • Scanner
  • Color printer
  • Book binding materials plus
    • a heavy duty stapler
    • heavy duty paper
  • White erase board for word walls
    • magnetic tape
  • SmartBoard
  • Chart paper and markers
  • Books, Zoo Books and magazines


Classic Cobb
Mixed lettuce leaves, blue cheese, sharp cheddar, fried egg, tomatoes & onion with buttermilk ranch dressing.

Spinach, Cucumber & Goats Cheese
Spinach, goats cheese, raisins, dried cranberries, cucumbers, tomatoes & onions with balsamic dressing.

Baja Cobb
Mixed lettuce leaves, sharp cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, guacamole, tomatoes & red onion with chipotle dressing.

Mixed lettuce leaves, blue cheese, raisins, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds & tomatoes with balsamic dressing.


Ice Cream in Mini Pots
Vanilla / Strawberries & Cream / Belgian Chocolate

Served with salted caramel & Chocolate.

Ice Cream Sandwich
Vanilla ice cream sandwiched in a sugar coated, jam filled doughnut.

Cheesecake Shake
Vanilla & chocolate milkshake, malt, chocolate sauce, vanilla whipped cream.