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In 2000 the computer lab was upgraded to Windows 98. I started using the internet to teach and learn, studied HTML and created a web page we could use in class and at home. Its purpose was simply to keep track of the websites we used most often, many of which have stood the test of time. Since then it has evolved and to this day, students, parents, teachers and friends contribute to its contents.

Because learning is forever PLEASE feel free to make your suggestions at the end of this page and I will be happy to add anything that has academic merit for students, teachers and parents.  Thank you and ENJOY!


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1st Grade –
The Alphabet

2nd Grade –
Animal Studies

4th Grade –
Foreign Languages

5th Grade –
Web Design

  • Lissa Explains It All – HTML Help and Tutorial for Kids
  • WP Clipart – public domain – no copyright restrictions
  • WikiMedia Commons – public domain pictures
  • Pexels – free stock photos and videos shared by talented creators
  • Pics4Learning – copyright-friendly images for education
  • Unsplashinternet source for free high resolution photos, recommended by Laughton Huggins

High School

Curriculum and Subjects

Reading, Writing and Literacy



  • – How to teach kids about money, recommended by Karla Monterrey

American History

Voting and Elections


  • Art – Princeton’s Art Appreciation Page
  • Color Matters
  • E-Card – from Fine Art
  • Paint on line – Kids Art
  • Strathmore – Easy to follow project ideas
  • Tesselation
  • Van Gogh – recommended by Ed Eiseman. Move your mouse (or finger if you have an iPad or touchscreen) anywhere and in any direction to fully experience this masterpiece.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – Recommended by Laughton Huggins

  • Kleki – online paint tool
  • Photopea – online tool that resembles Photoshop

Lifelong Learning

Online Learning and Technology

Professional Development

More Tech

Recommended by  Charlotte Cox, LIM College research assistant and graduate student:


Special Needs


Parents’ Corner

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Suggestions Welcome!